Pawel Styrna, IWP student and KC research assistant, analyzes Russian presidential election

IWP international affairs student and Kosciuszko Chair of Polish Studies research assistant Pawel Styrna has recently published an article on the upcoming Russian presidential contest. Not surprisingly, he predicts a Putin victory and results likely resembling last year’s rigged Duma (parliamentary) election. Mr. Styrna also analyzes the modus operandi of the post-Soviet establishment in Russia, which has demonstrated a ruthless will to retain and consolidate its power. Thus, while other outcomes certainly cannot be dismissed, the near future most likely entails the continuity of the present post-Bolshevik system erected and fortified by Putin.

To read the entire article, please click here: Russia’s 2012 Presidential Election, Pawel Styrna

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Pawel Styrna do not necessarily reflect those of The Institute of World Politics.

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