Between Russia and Germany: Poland and the Future

You are cordially invited to the

Third Annual Kosciuszko Chair Spring Symposium

on the topic of
Between Russia and Germany: Poland and the Future

Saturday, April 6
1:00-6:00 PM

The Institute of World Politics
1521 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Registration for this event is now closed.

America unreliable, Poland expendable
Gen. Walter Jajko
1:00-1:30 PM

The Military Doctrine of Post-Soviet Russia
Prof. Andrzej Nowak
1:30-2:15 PM

Rummaging through the Rubble from Yalta
Mr. Christopher Olechowski
2:15-2:45 PM

Break, 2:45-3:15 PM

The Economy of Post-Communist Poland
Dr. Łucja Świątkowska-Cannon
3:15-4:00 PM

Poland’s Bright Future: Shale gas, coal gassification, and other energy sources
Dr. Piotr Naimski
4:00-4:45 PM

Poland’s Arms Industry
Mr. Krzysztof Zawitkowski
4:45-5:30 PM

Reception, 5:30 PM

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