Book promotion tour in Europe – May & June 2016

In May 2016, Dr. Chodakiewicz travelled to Europe to promote his two latest books: Thoughts of a Free Pole (2016) about the challenges for the Poles and Polish foreign policy in the geopolitical and cultural context of today and Poland for the Poles: Who were and are Polish nationalists? (2015) on the history of the Polish national movement and its contemporary developments. The promotion tour took him to Poland, Ireland, and the U.K. with lectures, meetings with readers, TV and radio interviews and appearances at book fairs.

Between 16th May and 6th June, Dr. Chodakiewicz visited more than 15 cities and participated in over a score of engagements. In Warsaw he gave a number of lectures and interviews for newspapers and radio and TV stations, including TVP 1, TVP Info and TV Republika. He also met his readers at the Warsaw Book Fair and other readers’ events. Dr. Chodakiewicz was further invited by various institutions to give private lectures. In Warsaw, he spoke for Ordo Iuris. For the Institute of National Remembrance in Gdansk, he gave a lecture on the development of the Polish national thought. In Szczecin, he delivered a talk on topics related to his two latest books. In Wroclaw, the the idea of Intermarium was discussed. In Bialystok, at the invitation of The Podlaski Instytut Rzeczpospolitej Suwerennej and “W dobym TONie” Discussion Club, he analyzed the elite-formation processes after the political transformation in Poland. In Bytom, he met his readers at the book fair again. Promotional tour involved as well a stint on the British Isles. Dr. Chodakiewicz met his readers in Dublin, Glasgow and London.

Lectures, interviews and photographs (courtesy of Klub Historyczny imienia Hrabiny Markiewiczowej in Dublin) taken during Dr. Chodakiewicz’s latest European book promotion tour in 2016 are available below:


Warsaw 17th May 2016

Szczecin 19th May 2016

Wroclaw 21st May 2016

Glasgow 27th May 2016

Dublin 28th May 2016

Warsaw (Hybrydy) 31st May 2016

Ostrowiec 1st June 2016


TVP Info 25th May 2016

TV Republika 25th May 2016

TVP 1 TVShow Warto Rozmawiac 31st May 2016 1st June 2016

Warsaw Book Fair 22nd May 2016

Association of Polish Journalists 23rd May 2016


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