The Zdzislaw R. Zakrzewski 9th Annual Kosciuszko Chair Conference is coming!

We have the pleasure of inviting all our followers to
The Zdzislaw R. Zakrzewski 9th Annual Kosciuszko Chair Conference
on November 12th, 2016.


November 12, 2016
1.00 pm – 6.30 pm

Topics and speakers include:

The international energy outlook – United States, Europe, and Poland
Mr. Sieminski will discuss the international energy outlook and challenges to
energy security in the United States and in Europe.
Mr. Adam Sieminski

Paradise of the Jews in Towns and Cities of Poland-Lithuania 1300-1795
There is disagreement between whether the Jews were treated better in royal or private noble towns. Mr. Watson is going to discuss where peace was best fostered,
comparing the two types of towns.
Mr. Michael V. Szpindor Watson

The Foundational Lie of Communist Poland: the January 1947 Elections
Mr. Armstrong will analyze the January 1947 Elections
which changed the course of Polish history after WWII.
Mr. John Armstrong

Greed or Exasperation? The reasons for the latest wave of Polish emigration
Mrs. Juczewska will analyze complex reasons for the massive emigration of young Poles
at the beginning of the 21st century.
Mrs. Maria Juczewska

Russian School of cybernetics and present day threats. Continuity and development.
Mr. Trąbinski will discuss the development and the recent phenomena
in Russian cybernetics.
Mr. Piotr Trąbinski

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