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Dr. Chodakiewicz’s Intermarium mentioned in Spanish scholarly journal

Intermarium, by Mark ChodakiewiczDr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz’s Intermarium: The Land between the Black and Baltic Seas (Piscataway, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2012) has been gaining increasing publicity in the scholarly and policy-analysis worlds since the monograph’s publication.

Quite recently, Intermarium was mentioned by Dr. Dominik Smyrgała, a professor of international relations at the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw (Poland), in the Barcelona-based Spanish-Catalan scholarly historical journal Tiempo Devorado: Revista de Historia Actual (No. 1, December 2014, pp. 28 – 37).

The English-language version of the article, “Intermarium: From the battle of Varna to the war in Ukraine,” can be accessed here.

Dr. Chodakiewicz co-edits new document collection on the Polish underground

NarodoweDr. Marek Chodakiewicz – along with Dr. Wojciech J. Muszyński and Leszek Żebrowski – have just published a document anthology, which they compiled and co-edited, on the Polish underground during the Second World War.

Entitled Narodowe Siły Zbrojne: Dokumenty, 1942 – 1944 [The National Armed Forces: Documents] (Lublin: Fundacja im. Kazimierza Wielkiego, 2014), the collection is the first volume of a trilogy of documents on Poland’s anti-Nazi, anti-Soviet armed resistance. Most of the files – originally generated by the High Command of the National Armed Forces (NSZ) – and were locked way for more than six decades.  They were finally rediscovered in 2008 and are now available for scholars and researchers in a convenient three-volume collection.

Please click here for more information.

Dr. Chodakiewicz continues European lecture circuit

As Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz continues his European lecture circuit and promoting his new book on post-communism, we are pleased to share the videos of some of his presentations below.

Dr. Chodakiewicz’s brief speech against the Polish inferiority complex in front of ca. 3,000 people at a Christian nationalist demonstration against government corruption:

Discussing his new book in Tczew, Poland:

In Tarnów, Poland:

In Nowa Huta, Poland:

In Warsaw, the capital of Poland (along with journalist Mr. Paweł Lisicki, historian Dr. Antoni Dudek, and political scientist Dr. Tomasz Żukowski):

In London:

New video recordings will be posted as they become available.

Dr. Chodakiewicz interviewed by Polonia Christiana

Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz—who is currently on a lecture circuit promoting his new book in Poland—was interviewed on 3 July 2014 by the Polish web portal, Polonia Christiana (

The main subjects of the interview were the assessment of the quarter-century of post-communist “transformation” in Poland, in general, and the quality of post-communist Poland’s political class, in particular. Dr. Chodakiewicz warned against hubristic and triumphalist celebrations of the “twenty-five years of freedom,” since the political system retains many continuities which still bind it to the communist People’s Republic. One example of the rather limited nature of the “change” in the past quarter-century is, Dr. Chodakiewicz points out, the funeral of Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, infamous for his crackdown (martial law) on the democratic opposition in 1981-1983, with full state and military honors. The nihilism and cynicism of the political establishment in Warsaw—recently highlighted by two highly embarrassing and vulgar recordings of top politicians—demonstrates just how much Sovietism remains in the country’s “post-Soviet” ruling caste.

On a positive note, Dr. Chodakiewicz emphasized that a movement for the regeneration of decent civilization is occurring in both Poland and the United States, although it may not be easy to spot at first. He is much more concerned about the future of Western Europe, which continues to view modernity and religion as two radically opposed and irreconcilable forces.

The full (Polish) text of the interview with Dr. Chodakiewicz is available here.

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc released in Poland

Marek Chodakiewicz’s new book entitled Trasnformacja czy niepodległość? was released at an event in Warsaw, Poland on June 12.  A video of the event can be found below.

The book, which assesses the past quarter-century of post-communism in Poland, can be purchased online here.

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc, June 12, Warsaw (7)

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc, June 12, Warsaw (6)

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc, June 12, Warsaw (5)

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc, June 12, Warsaw (4)

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc, June 12, Warsaw (1)

Dr. Chodakiewicz publishes new book on Poland’s post-communist “transformation”

Transformacja czy niepodleglosc coverDr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz-the holder of IWP’s Kościuszko Chair of Polish Studies-has just published a new book in his native Poland. Entitled Trasnformacja czy niepodległość? [Transformation or Independence?] (Gdańsk: Patria Media, 2014), the work assesses the past quarter-century of post-communism in Poland (1989 – 2014).

In his latest publication, Dr. Chodakiewicz asks several key questions, e.g.: did the “transformation” of communism necessarily lead to democracy? Why did the post-communist elites prefer the term “transformation” to “independence”? Why did was the establishment of post-1989 Poland unwilling to reach out and harness the talents and abilities of the Polish émigrés then living in the West? What is the nature of the competing politics of historical memory and identity in post-communist Poland?

Trasnformacja czy niepodległość? is essential to understanding Poland in the early twenty-first century.

Dr. Chodakiewicz’s new book can be purchased online.