Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Polish Scripts Online

RFE/RL and the National Digital Archives (NDA) of Polish State Archives signed an agreement in Warsaw on December 10, 2012, providing for NDA to publish on its Web site digital copies of RFE/RL Polish Service scripts  covering the period 1952-1994.  The original scripts are part of the RFE/RL Broadcast Collection at the Hoover Institution, which will receive a complete digital copy for off-line research.

NDA has to date digitized 200,000 pages of Polish scripts covering the period October 1964 through December 1969.  The complete script collection to be digitized contains some million paper pages plus thousands of microfilm pages.   Scripts published to date are available at:  Collection  3/36/0  Rozgłośnia Polska “Radia Wolna Europa”

Polish Service tapes were digitized earlier by Polish Radio, in cooperation with NDA, and are available at:,Radia-Wolnosci

RFE Background Reports on Poland are part of the  RFE/RL Research Collection at the Open Society Archives and are available at:

Unique manuscripts from the collection of Skokloster Riksarkiv and the Russian National Library: 

The Research Centre for East European Studies (Forschungsstelle Osteuropa – FSO) is an independent research institute attached to the University of Bremen. It is funded jointly by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and the State of Bremen. Founded during the Cold War in 1982, the FSO today combines two goals: the (re)examination of societies and cultures in the Eastern Bloc and the analysis of the transformation and contemporary developments in the successor states.

Gosiewski Family: This website includes research about Alexander Gosiewski and his negotiations with Moscow and other materials related to the Gosiewskich Family.